Opening bank accounts

Bank account is one of the most necessary and important element of any business.

We specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for companies conducting business abroad. We offer our clients assistance in opening a bank account in financial institutions uniquely suitable for their personal and business needs.

Depending on the requirements of the clients, type of the business, country of incorporation and other parameters opening bank account can be either a standard operation in the country of the incorporation or one of the most complicated processes in setting up your business.

In recent years, and specifically following the 2008 economic crisis and the collapse of banks in the U.S. and Cyprus, stricter regulations have been enforced in matters of money laundering. As a result, opening a bank account abroad, while previously a relatively simple procedure, is now much more complicated one. Currently banks conduct due diligence before authorizing the opening of an account, examining account holders and those associated with them. In this preliminary process companies must submit personal information regarding the company, its beneficiaries and any other person(s) that may act on its behalf. Furthermore, companies are required to provide information regarding their area of business activity, principle place of business, source of financing and other details.

Fintech Harbor facilitates the process of opening a bank account in a wide range of countries and banks. We open accounts in Switzerland, Lichtenstein EU and non EU European countries. We also open bank accounts in Asia, Australia and offshore countries.